Top 10 Reasons Why Brunch is the Greatest Meal of All Time!!

Ah, brunch… I’ve never found a single person that dislikes this delectable meal that is the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. And if I have, I thought they were a crazy person.

Why do people feel so strongly about this meal? Why are there over 50,000 mentions of #BrunchSoHard on social media? Why is “brunching” the hottest thing since the Sun? According to’s Madelyn Buchner “It all comes down to a simple equation; food + the company we keep + a good environment = happiness.”

I couldn’t agree more – so I dove a bit deeper into the food, the company, and the environment – well, mainly the food – and am proud to present my Top 10 (plus one Bonus!) reasons why brunch is the greatest meal of all time:

#1 – Brunch makes me feel like I’m adulting. In a really classy way.

#2 – It’s late enough for late-risers to feel like they’re still “getting up for breakfast.” Making sleepy heads around the world look (or at least feel) semi-responsible.

#3 – It’s acceptable to drink in the morning. The options are endless: Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Beer, cocktails, shots… they’re all fair game. Plus, you can shoot for the beverage trifecta with juice, coffee, and booze – talk about a win-win-win.

#4 – MN brunch Bloodies are a meal unto themselves – loaded with fixings and snacks galore AND a beer on the side for good measure.

#5 – You get a free pass to eat obnoxious amounts of food because it’s actually two meals. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns AND prime rib? Sure. It’s brunch..

#6 – And since it’s two meals combined– the menu’s got french fries AND eggs! #Winning.

#7 – You can eat dessert for breakfast! Don’t try to tell me that Nutella Stuffed French Toast with whipped cream topping is not a dessert disguised as breakfast. Please – it is. And it’s glorious.

#8 – All-You-Can-Eat Brunch Buffets are a whole ‘nother topic. Just make sure to wear your stretchy pants.

#9 – Go out too hard the night before? If brunch can’t cure your hangover, nothing can. Missed out on the fun the night before? Well, see #3.

#10 – Sometimes you’re lucky enough to chance upon brunch’s crown jewel: the build your own Bloody bar, aka Snack Buffet, aka all the bacon and cheese.

BONUS: The “post-brunch nap”! That B&G (any #BrunchBabe or #BrunchBro knows that stands for Biscuits and Gravy) really pushed me over the edge and now I must nap.

What’s YOUR #1 reason why brunch is the best meal ever?

Your Guru,

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