The Full List of Limited Edition Brunch Inspired Beers at Brunch-A-Palooza

Brunch-A-Palooza will feature a collection of specialty brunch-inspired beers from 18 Minnesotan breweries. Tantalize your taste buds on June 3 with these limited edition brews:


Indeed’s Derailed Belgian style golden ale combined with granola, maple syrup, and strawberries to present a one-of-a-kind “waffle” beer.

Double Shot First Call

Double Shot First Call is an amped up version of Modist’s cold press coffee lager. For this infusion, they doubled their normal dose of Wesley Andrews espresso roast to make a golden coffee lager that packs a mean coffee + beer brunch punch.

Bent paddle BREWING COMPANY – Hopmosa IPA

This non-traditional IPA is golden in color with an enormous floral and citrus hop aroma coupled with a supporting malt profile. This version is infused with fresh orange zest for the perfect refreshing brunch treat.

Tin Whiskers BREWING COMPANY – Wheatstone Bridge Marmalade

Tin Whiskers’ refreshing honey & chamomile wheat beer infused with zesty orange notes and hints of sweet candy to give the distinct flavors of an orange marmalade.

Sociable Cider Werks – Grapefruit Freewheeler with Fresh Mint

Freewheeler blends the Midwest’s finest freshly pressed apples with a touch of lightly hopped cane sorghum for a light, crisp, and effervescent character reminiscent of a sparkling wine. Combine this with a citrus tang from Grapefruit and a subtle backing from fresh mint and the result delivers more mouth feel, more bright acidity, and more effervescence than most cider… never too sweet and always a refreshing alternative to great craft beer.

Urban Growler Brewing Company – Cinnamon Roll Porter

The perfect bun in a glass satisfying the senses. Smell the cinnamon in the nose, ogle the warm dark colors, taste the malty caramel and brown sugar accented by cinnamon, imagine the squish of the fork and then … revel in the sweet cinnamon flavor and the sounds of “Ahhhh”.

Bauhaus Brew Labs –
Blood Orange Wonderstuff

A genuinely world-class Czech-style Pilsner, Wonderstuff delivers the clean, balanced flavors you’d expect from the style, but with a powerful, citrus hop twist. Drop in a healthy dose of blood orange, and balance that with a graham-crackery maltiness, and you’ve got yourself the tastebud trip of a lifetime. Truly the stuff of wonder, this beer will change the way you think about light lagers.

Lake Monster Brewing Company –
Bootstrap Coffee Stout

Made in collaboration with Lake Monster’s neighbors at Bootstrap Coffee Roasters, this Cold Press Coffee Infused Milk Stout is a rich, creamy stout with a kick from cold-brewed DIY Espresso blend.

Bad Weather Brewing Company –
Grapefruit Radler

The only way to start an amazing brunch is with a refreshing mimosa. With this in mind (and their opinion that grapefruit > orange), Bad Weather’s version of a mimosa marries their ever so popular taproom exclusive grapefruit soda with their light and crisp Migration Blonde Ale. A perfect start to an incredible brunch.

Surly Brewing Company – Fiery Hell

Surly’s Pale Gold Lager with bready malt aromas and flavors, floral hop aroma, and a balanced finish. This version has been aged on red oak and infused with whole puya chiles to bring the heat and put the spice in your brunch.

Wabasha Brewing Company –
Blueberry Implosion IPA

What does Wabasha think of when they think of brunch? BLUEBERRY! That’s right, they made a scrumptious blueberry IPA. This specialty brew is the perfect compliment for the perfect brunch… complete with hints of blueberry and citrus.

Badger Hill Brewing Company –
Blood Orange Traitor IPA

Badger Hill took their best selling Traitor IPA and infused it with juicy blood orange. Traitor IPA features four styles of hops including Galaxy and Citra which play well with the added orange. With notes of hard fruit and citrus – this is an easy drinking, extremely flavorful brew.

Bang Brewing – Nice Coffee

Nice is an organic unfiltered dark ale single hopped with Chinook – lending an earthy, peppery spice that plays on a light-bodied roasty malt bill. An infusion of a custom cold press from local roaster, Kopplin’s, provides a beautiful coffee aroma and flavor while letting Nice shine.

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company – Agredoux with Vanilla Bean

Agredoux is one of Lakes & Legends’ seasonal “Farm Series” beers. The base is a Belgian brown ale that the brewers kettle sour before adding Minnesota Grown Maple Syrup from Somerskogen Sugarbush of Minnetrista, MN. This beer has a very light pucker to it, with a sweet and savory finish. The vanilla bean is a totally delicious addition – bringing new flavors to the already complex brew.

Fair State Brewing Company –
Grapefruit-infused Cromulence

Modeled on the classic Berliner Weisse Style, Cromulence is a low-ABV sour wheat beer to which Fair State adds fresh citrus. This special batch is infused with grapefruit for even more brunch-ability with its tart, refreshing, and bready characteristics.

Castle Danger Brewing Company –
Orange Cream Ale

Orange Cream Ale is a twist on Castle Danger’s fan-favorite Castle Cream Ale. Deep gold in color, it has a soft malty aroma, slightly sweet creamy texture, while finishing smooth and clean with infused flavors of bright citrus orange.

Summit Brewing Company –
Golden Ale Beermosa

Summit’s brewers have artfully blended fresh California orange juice with a unique golden ale to create a highly drinkable and refreshing beer cocktail. Malted barley from the US, Germany, and the UK combine to produce a slight toasted note, while hop-derived notes of lemon zest, grapefruit, and mango are enhanced by the natural citrus of fresh orange. Light in body, but eminently complex, this is a thirst-quenching beer perfect for a summer’s day.

Lift Bridge Brewing Company –
Tart Peach Farm Girl

Lift Bridge’s Flagship belgian style Farm Girl Saison with moderate sweetness and a hint of yeasty spice – aged with natural peach and lactic acid to wake up your taste buds with some tart peachy delight.

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